Privacy Policy



The purpose of this document is to define broad policy applicable to protection of “Privacy” of individuals whose information is in the hands of the Company.

This policy will also be reflected in the website / mobile application of the Company when available. It will also be reflected in the Privacy Practice Statement that may be shared with business associates where required.

Privacy Commitment


LivQuik Technology (India) Private Limited (“LivQuik”, “we”, “our” or “us”) acknowledge the importance of safeguarding information as well as personal details and hence provide this Privacy Policy in regard to access and usage rights of our brand LivQuik (“Sites”) owned by us along with the easy payment services provided by us. The term “Sites” is inclusive of all pages which are sub-domains or are a part of/associated with any site and all the applications as well as other services that we operate or offer.


The terms “WE”, “OUR” and “US” signify the brand LivQuik by LivQuik Technology (India) Private Limited and the terms “YOU”, “YOUR” represent you, as a user of LivQuik. “PERSONAL INFORMATION” denotes the information provided by you regarding the contact details or identification details, such as your name, email address, contact number, along with any other data that is related to such details. All of our procedures along with the respective processes regarding collecting and using the personal information are listed below for ensuring the safeguard of this website usage for you. With this website we have aimed to provide security levels which are better than the usual industry wide standards, however due to inherent limitations of the web we would be unable to warrant complete security of the data being transferred to us by you.


Your agreement and acknowledgement of this Privacy Policy is deemed by visiting this website and we understand to have your consent for collecting, using as well as sharing your Personal Information as described below. If you are not in agreement with these terms, then do not use LivQuik.


We further clarify that all the terms and conditions have been provided in a separate page to be treated as co-existing with this Privacy Policy as they are an integral part of this website usage.


LivQuik values privacy rights of individuals whose personal information is generated, processed, transmitted or otherwise accessed by LivQuik or any of its employees of the Company as a part of our activities and are committed to protection of the privacy rights of such individuals as required under law.

In particular, LivQuik has put in place reasonable managerial, operational, technical, legal, behavioral control measures to comply with the provisions of the Privacy and Security obligations as required under law.

No Personal information is either used or disclosed by LivQuik except as required or as permitted or as authorized and this policy is strictly binding on all the employees of the Company as well as the Business associates.


Information Collection and its Usage


We collect your information required for operating our business and to improve our services for future. We understand that if certain third-party account credentials are provided by you, you acknowledge that certain content and information in those accounts may be transmitted into your account with us on your authorization for such transmissions and such Third-Party Account Information will be covered under this Privacy Policy.


However, you may choose to not share such information with us but that will restrict your registration on our website or availability of certain features. If your information is used for any different purpose than the one’s listed in this policy, we will ask you for your consent in advance for such usage.


Account Information

We require a record of your Personal Information including your name, contact details and address in order to create an account for using the services offered on LivQuik. If you subscribe for our newsletter during or after sign up, we use your email address to send you updates and the news. In case you do not want to receive such messages/updates from us then kindly click on the unsubscribe link on the bottom of the emails sent by us. Also, your contact number will be used to send SMS alerts on the basis of your interests and also to send transaction alerts.


LivQuik makes sure that any of your Personal information is not made public or sold to a third party.


Sensitive Personal Information


We may gather and store your Sensitive Personal Information that you (‘user’) might choose to store in the user account created with LivQuik like bank account information, KYC (know your customer) documents as per RBI norms along with any other applicable information. We do not store card credentials within our database or server (irrespective of it being accessed by merchant or not) except for the limited purpose of transaction tracking; for which, required credentials may be stored in compliance with the applicable standards.


You (‘user’) will have an option to delete any information provided by you. Once the stored information is deleted it will automatically get deleted from our servers. LivQuik stores information of the customers opting to make payments through LivQuik. And only if the customer himself opts to share the information on the businesses powered with LivQuik, we share the information with such businesses. However, we will not be liable for any misuse of such information by the people related to the business, or the businesses with which such information is shared.


User Access of Personal Information

By visiting the “account” section of the website as a registered user, you can edit your

privacy preferences as well as certain Personal Information


Transfer of Information

Be assured, that no information shared with us exclusively shall be shared with any third party except regulated financial and regulatory agencies (as required). This is in accordance with consent received from you to provide services offered by LivQuik, ease of accounts creation, contact synchronization, providing customer support, synchronization with other software applications. The third parties may request access to your Personal Information for services requested by you.


Information might be shared with third parties in aggregate related to User behavior in regard to prospective or actual business relationship with third parties like content

distributors and advertisers. Also, we might give out your Personal Information with our subsidiaries, parent company, joint ventures or affiliates we have now or may have in the future, in such case they will be required to honor this Privacy Policy.


In case our company or our assets are acquired by another company, that company will also get the rights to your personal information along with any other obligations in regard to that information. Further, your Personal information might be disclosed to third parties in a good faith when such disclosure is important for reasons such as – enforcing or applying our terms and conditions, to take action for suspected illegal activities, to protect our rights or our users, comply with legal requirements such as a court order or search warrant or any similar governmental request



LivQuik records your information relating to your use of this website, like the searches made, browser type, IP address, pages viewed, requested URL, location. This kind of information is used to administer our site and provide high level service as well as security to the users. Further, statistical analysis is also performed from this information of characteristics and user behavior to calculate in and use of the many areas of LivQuik.


We exclusively own the trademarks, copyrights, logos, product and service marks, whether registered or not (“Our IP”). You agree not to use and/or display Our IP in any kind. Anything contained in this website including the content does not grant in any way, a license interest or right to the user in and/or to our IP without an expressed written permission from us.


None of the rights, title or interests in any kind of downloaded material is transferred to the user as a result of such copying or downloading. Further, all the intellectual property rights related to this Website as well as its contents are owned by us.



Cookies are tiny pieces of information sent by a website to users’ computer’s hard drive while the user is viewing the website. Cookies are sent to your computer in order to get a unique identification of your browser as well as for improving our service quality. The information collected in relation to your usage of LivQuik may be used for enforcing, applying as well as investigating our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.


We might use two types of cookies – namely persistent cookies and session cookies. Persistent cookies are the ones which stay on the user’s computer until they are deleted whereas session cookies expire once the browser is closed. You can remove persistent

cookies by following your browser help file directions. In case you choose disabling cookies, some areas of LivQuik may not work properly or work at all.


The third-party websites/tools used by LivQuik may accumulate anonymous information regarding your visits to the website with the use of cookies and interaction with LivQuik products and services. Also, your information about visits to LivQuik and other websites might be used by such third parties in order to target advertisements for our services. However, no personal information is accumulated or used in this process. These third parties have no access to the Personal Information of our users such as name, email address, contact number, home address, etc. To opt out of sharing this information with third party websites, users can deactivate cookies. Kindly refer to the help file of your browser to further understand the process of deactivating cookies on your respective browser.



When a customer / user contact us to record a complaint, ask a query or give feedback, we shall record any Personal Information or any other content provided in the communication. Such information is stored in order to respond appropriately to your communication



The Personal Information collected in case of your usage of LivQuik from you may be used in order to investigate, apply or enforce our Privacy Policy and terms and conditions



Any references to third party website hyperlinks, information, names, products or services of third parties mentioned on this website are mentioned for your ease and in no way imply our sponsorship, recommendation or backing of the third party, information, product or services. Except as set forth herein, your information will not be shared with those third parties, and we are not accountable for their respective privacy policies. We suggest you go through the privacy policy on all such websites.



User accounts on this website are protected by passwords. LivQuik uses industry standard measures for protecting Personal Information which is stored in our database. All access to your Personal Information is limited to contractors and employees who require access to complete their job function like our customer care personnel. You hereby agree that

LivQuik is not held responsible for any intercepted information sent through the web and hence release us from any claims rising up from or in relation to usage of intercepted information in any unauthorized manner.


We take necessary physical, technical, managerial, and operational measures that are designed to improve the integrity and security of information that we collect and maintain as required by applicable laws of India. In addition, LivQuik follows the payments industry standards regarding the protection of payment card information. We conduct regular audits to maintain the appropriate level of security certification with the Payments Card Information Security Standard Council (PCI), and in compliance with RBI guidelines. LivQuik has put in place procedures to deal with information breach and will notify any applicable regulator or authority of a breach where we are legally required to do so.


We shall take preventive measures to ensure storing data in infrastructure that do not belong to external jurisdictions. Appropriate controls shall be considered and implemented to prevent unauthorized access to the data. We shall comply with data storage requirements as applicable to Payment System Operators (PSOs). RBI instructions on storage of payment system data, as applicable to PSOs shall apply


Data Breach Notification


If any employee of LivQuik or its business associates becomes aware of a potential breach of Privacy of information entrusted to him or accessed by him, he shall inform the organization immediately. Any delay in reporting such incidents shall be deemed as a serious breach of the policy.


How we Secure Personal Information


Data is secured in the facilities of LivQuik under a well-developed information security policy as well as an ITA 2008 compliance policy.

Sensitive data both in storage and transmission are to be encrypted with appropriate encryption tools with strong cryptographic algorithms. Currently the recommended algorithm is AES/3DES. All transmission must be under secure transmission protocol i.e., HTTPS/SSL. WinZip to be employed to create secure encrypted format of files before transmission.

Exceptions where necessary are properly authorized and monitored.

Personal information no longer required is destroyed subject to requirements of archival guided by the Data Archival Policy.

Information in process is closely monitored through appropriate technical means to ensure that there is no accidental or intentional compromise of security.

Any accidental access to personal information is recorded as a security incident and managed as per the Information Security Incident Management Policy.

As per HR policy they are made fully aware that any activity performed with a user id is the sole responsibility of the owner of the ID.


Who can access Personal Information?

LivQuik follows a strategic principle whereby, access to Personal information is restricted only to such of employees who are required to access the information for the purpose of delivering whatever services are committed to be delivered by LivQuik


LivQuik has not subcontracted any part of the work


How we use or Disclose Information

Personal information is used or disclosed strictly in accordance with the provisions of law and as authorized by the data owner/customer.

LivQuik recognizes the right of an individual to claim access to his information in the possession of LivQuik. However, in the absence of any direct prior agreement, disclosures are always routed through the Client.

All disclosures and the authorizations for such disclosures are documented as required under law.




Any violation of the Privacy or Security Policies of LivQuik by its employees will attract appropriate sanctions including termination as per the procedures laid out in the Sanction Policy.

Any violation of the Privacy or Security Policies of the Company by its business associates will attract appropriate penalties including termination of the contracts.




LivQuik reserves the right to change the privacy practices at its sole discretion. Whenever a material change is made to the privacy practice, a revised Privacy Practice notice will be posted on the website. Where feasible, stakeholders will also be informed through electronic means. Kindly review these policies periodically to ensure you are updated on such changes. Any such changes will be instantly effective on the uses of LivQuik. Also, the users are responsible for updating their Information including providing us with their recent e-mail address.


In case you do not permit changes in our usage of your Personal Information, you must instantly notify us for deactivating your account with us. Your acknowledgment as well as

agreement of such changes will be considered on your part for continued use of LivQuik after any such changes along with acceptance to be bound by the terms and conditions of such changes.


Legal Aspects


Usage of this website is constructed and governed according to the laws of India. By using this website you agree that any proceedings or legal actions arising from your use may be addressed exclusively in the competent tribunals/ courts


Compliance Official


The Company has designated the following person as the Privacy and Information Security Compliance Official and will be the nodal officer for implementation of all compliance requirements under this Information Security Policy.

Name: Nirav Samani

Contact Details:


Grievance Redressal


The Compliance official designated under this Policy shall also be the grievance officer to address any concerns or complaints arising out of this policy, regarding content of this website, breach of use of this website or your personal information

The Nodal Officer of the Company shall be the appeal authority in respect of any grievance which remains unresolved at the level of the Compliance Official.