Better control over your funds & vehicles with FASTag
Transforming mobility in India with top-notch technological solutions catered to fintechs and fleet operators seeking innovative financial products 
Unleashing the power of FASTag
India’s first multi-purpose FASTag integrated with a digital wallet. Enjoy unparalleled convenience as you leverage the power of FASTag and streamline your transactions like never before.
India’s 1st Non-banking PPI (Prepaid Payment Instrument) to get FASTag issuing license from NETC
+ Card
Instantly load &
Manage Funds
Pay for Fuel
with FASTag
Pay for Repairs
with FASTag
Pay for Tolls
with FASTag
Pay for Parking
with FASTag
E-Commerce, POS,
ATM enabled
Helping Banks, Fintechs, Fleet
owners & aggregators
See how FASTag has revolutionised
the fleet business
Dedicated to the field of GPS Based Fleet Management Solutions and its exhaustive Data Analytics, GTropy is proficient in providing valuable solutions & cater to diverse clients from all verticals.
Making it easier for travellers to save time when searching for parking spaces at different spots in the country.
Making everything easier for truck owners, fleet managers & drivers with unified fleet expense management solutions.